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Base Metals:
Aluminium Copper
Lead Nickel
Tin Zinc
Ferro Alloys and Ores:
Calcium Silicon Chrome Ore
Ferro-manganese Ferro-molybdenum
Ferro-nickel Ferro-niobium
Ferro-silicon Ferro-titanium
Ferro-tungsten Ferro-vanadium
Ilmenite Iron ore
Manganese Ore Silico-chrome
Minor Metals:
Antimony Arsenic
Bismuth Cadmium
Calcium Chromium
Cobalt Gallium
Germanium Dioxide Germanium Metal
Hafnium Indium
Lithium Magnesium
Manganese Mercury
Molybdenum Niobium
Polysilicon - Solar Grade Rhenium
Selenium Silicon
Tantalum Tellurium
Titanium Tungsten
Vanadium Zirconium
Manganese Ore Silico-chrome
Rare Earths:
Cerium Dysprosium
Erbium Europium
Gadolinium Lanthanum
Neodymium Praseodymium
Promethium Samarium
Scandium Terbium
Precious Metals:
Gold Iridium
Osmium Palladium
Platinum Rhodium
Ruthenium Silver

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