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Argus Gas Connections

Argus Gas Connections is a bi-monthly report covering the European gas and power markets. It includes in-depth reports on the latest developments in the European natural gas industry. It carries upstream and downstream news and features, industry and company developments. There is a comprehensive market analysis of spot, forward and futures prices, production statistics, gas border and burner-tip prices and monthly average prices.

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Argus Power Europe

Argus Power Europe is the bi-monthly newsletter covering electricity in Europe. This publication has been launched to meet the demand for high-quality analytical information on European power. Twice a month it brings you a fresh perspective on the dominant issues of the day, including deregulation, interconnector capacity, power prices and market commentary. Argus Power Europe tracks regulatory changes, consolidations, price movements and interconnector capacity which are all part of Europe's power network.

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Argus Global Emissions

Argus Global Emissions covers the expanding markets of Greenhouse Gas Trading. Published monthly, the newsletter meets the demand for news and analysis of environmental issues that impact a company's bottom line. With clear explanations of environmental legislation, regulation and tax matters, Argus Global Emissions provides in-depth background to the rising number of markets which deal with corporate and national emissions requirements.

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Argus Global LNG

Argus Global LNG is the new monthly road-map to the LNG sector. It incorporates news, analysis, market comment, and comprehensive pricing and shipping data for LNG and rival fuels. It is an essential aid to energy executives, industry professionals and service compnaies. Argus Global LNG deals with every aspect of the LNG chain, from LNG production plants to LNG regasification terminals and end-user markets.

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