Argus Americas Crude

Argus publishes prices based on trade throughout the day, not just trade in a narrow window at the end of the day. The Argus methodology produces representative prices that are inclusive of the entire market, while at the same time providing transparency and verifiability. Argus seeks to provide hedging tools that are useful to industry and which created through consultation with industry.

Argus Americas Crude delivers:
  • Volume Weighted Averages of domestic crude grades. Based on deals traded all day. These are the most representative and inclusive market prices available.
  • Complete listing of all domestic deals done. Includes price and volume. This gives the industry enough transparency to verify the Argus Weighted Averages.
  • Differentials to WTI for all grades as well as outright prices. And all available in data file format for ease of system integration.
  • Coverage of domestic US Gulf coast and midcontinent markets, such as Mars, P-Plus, and Differential to CMA Nymex.
  • Coverage of import crudes like Basrah Light. Extensive reporting on Canadian prices, Latin America, and US west coast markets.
  • Extensive commentary full of specific market intelligence.
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