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A year ago we brought a new look to Argus Clean Air Compliance, including more data points, more in-depth market coverage and a sharper focus on particular issues relating to the regulation of emissions and how US industry is meeting those rules. Now it’s time for a check up to see if we are covering the right angles and the right topics, or if there’s more (or less) of some issues you would like to see. Please respond to the handful of questions below and help us help you do your job better. When you have completed this survey, please fax it back to us at (1 202) 872-8045

On a scale of 1 to 5, (5 being the most relevant) rank the importance of the following issues regularly covered by Argus Clean Air Compliance to you and your business:
Federal air regulations
State/local air regulations
Emissions markets
New emissions control or energy technology
Renewable and carbon regulations and markets

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 uninteresting, 5 crucial) rate how useful you find the following Argus Clean Air Compliance features:
State regulatory roundup
Hot Air (commentary on ongoing emissions issues)
Technology reports
Reviews of litigation
Industry response to new or existing regulations

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 uninteresting, 5 crucial) rate how important you find the following areas of coverage:
Sulfur dioxide
Nitrogen oxides
Particulate matter, haze
Renewables/green energy

What other publications or services do you use to stay abreast of emissions compliance issues (check all that apply):
National newspaper
Local newspaper
Other emissions industry publication/service (If so, which one(s):
TV/radio Other (please specify):

What other benefits would you like to see Argus Clean Air Compliance provide? Please check any that apply.
Delivery of breaking news stories between publication dates.
Searchable library/archive.
Technology diagrams, data etc.
Conferences and/or forums on pressing emissions compliance issues.
More in-depth reports on particular subjects

If you checked “More in-depth reports on particular subjects,” please elaborate:

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