Argus 2008 South American LNG

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South America could see as many as seven new terminals to import liquefied natural gas over the next few years. Peru is gearing up to launch LNG exports in 2010, and Venezuela aims to start deliveries in 2013. This emerging trend flies in the face of traditional supply patterns, shifting energy clout and posing the prospect of dramatically higher gas prices.

Does the advent of LNG spell the demise of long-sought regional integration? Given the continent’s plentiful untapped gas reserves, will LNG imports prove to be a passing phenomenon or a rational long-term strategy?

The 2008 Argus South American LNG webinar will update listeners on South America’s LNG projects, from Venezuela’s Delta Caribe to Chile’s Quintero Bay. We will look at the implications for regional integration, as well as energy investment and gas prices.


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