Argus 2008 Energy Policy Outlook Webinar

A new era for energy policy?
The 2008 US presidential election and prospects for legislative, regulatory and market changes in the next administration

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The next US president is expected to inaugurate a new policy framework for domestic energy efficiency, renewable fuel use and mitigation of CO2 emissions. National security concerns will also lend support for reduced reliance on imported oil. But anxiety over the faltering economy will render infeasible any aggressive energy strategy with substantial consumer costs.

Foreign policy, a traditional vehicle for energy policy, may also see crucial change under the next president. The majority of voters favors a new direction in Iraq policy and wants to see Iraqi oil revenue, not US taxpayer dollars, fund reconstruction efforts. The presidential candidates promise markedly different strategies with Iran, perhaps the most significant and enigmatic Mideast security concern.

An ability to work with congress will be an important determining factor in the formation of energy policy during the next administration. The 2008 election will see the retirement of a number of senior oil-industry allies in the House and Senate. Democratic majorities in both bodies are expected to expand. Some efforts to enact punitive industry policies will prove successful under the next administration, and are likely to keep oil companies on the defensive.

This Argus webinar will address anticipated changes in the regulatory and investment climate for oil companies under the next US president. It will also address market implications of renewable energy development and the trend towards greater oversight of energy futures trading. The timing of the webinar will coincide with emergency of a clear Democratic Party frontrunner and transition of the campaign from the primary season to the general election.



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