Argus Presents:
Canadian Oil Sands 2008
August 27, 2008, 11am ET (east coast US)

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Canada's oil sands are taking on greater strategic importance for America as oil prices soar and the threat of instability rises in some key oil-producing countries. But how much can oil sands production rise? What are the challenges the industry faces? The Argus Canadian Oil Sands 2008 webinar takes a look at the investment pouring into this sector, and the expectations this has generated for a future less dependent on imports from other continents. We also look at plans by key players, and the need for new infrastructure to ensure oil sands crude can reach the markets in time.

The industry faces huge environmental constraints that will make investments far costlier in future and permitting by authorities more time-consuming. The industry says it is looking for breakthroughs to massively raise production in a sustainable way. The Argus Canadian Oil Sands 2008 webinar examines what differences Canada's oil sands could make to the world we know today.


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