Argus Presents:
Energy Policy Outlook 2008
August 14, 2008, 11am ET (east coast US)

A new era for energy policy?
The 2008 US presidential election and prospects for legislative and market change in the next administration

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The next US president is expected to inaugurate a new policy framework for domestic energy security, renewable fuel use and mitigation of CO2 emissions. The presumed candidates have already outlined introductory frameworks for domestic energy production and promotion of efficiency. These plans include tax incentives, new regulation and punitive measures that will directly impact physical and financial oil industry operations.

But the combined challenges of a faltering economy, a willful democratic Congress and a divided political will on Middle East engagement must be overcome to realize a new domestic energy agenda. A diplomatic finesse will be necessary in the context of unprecedented international engagement over climate issues and resource nationalism

The Argus Energy Policy Outlook 2008 webinar takes a hard look at the political realities facing the next president, and the candidates’ strategies for delivering new energy and environmental policy.

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