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Biofuels - Biodiesel Biofuels - Ethanol
Biomass Coal
Coal - Coking Crude
Emissions Freight
Gas / LNG LPG / NGL / Autogas
Oil Products Oil Products - Asphalt
Oil Products - Base Oil Oil Products - Distillates
Oil Products - Fuel Oil Oil Products - Gasoline
Oil Products - Jet Fuel Oil Products - Naphtha
Oil Products - Petroleum Coke Oil Products - VGO
Power Rail Transport
Rare earths Minor metals
Ferro-alloys Base metals
Steel – iron-ore, coking coal Scrap
Precious metals Fertilizer - Sulphuric Acid
Fertilizer Fertilizer - Ammonia
Fertilizer - Nitrogen Fertilizer - Phosphates
Fertilizer - Potash Fertilizer - Sulphur
Petchems Petchems - Aromatic Solvents
Petchems - Aromatics Petchems - Benzene
Petchems - Butadiene Petchems - Ethylene
Petchems - Hydrocarbon Resin Petchems - Methanol
Petchems - MTBE Petchems - Olefins
Petchems - Polymers Petchems - Propylene
Petchems - Toluene / Xylene


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